Working with Pollin


From the very beginning, you will notice that Pollin works quite differently from many other encounters you may have had previously when consulting with counsellors, therapists or coaches. 

Eventhough she comes from a background in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching, her approach differs from mainstream practices because over the years she has found what works best to ignite and instill lasting change within a person. She works not only with the practical therapeutic techniques, but also with the essential power that lies within our unconscious 'self'.

Pollin has spent the last two decades gaining a deep understanding of how the conscious mind works in unison with, not only,the subconscious and unconscious minds but also with the four main aspects of our psyche (namely, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves). With her knowledge of the language that your unconscious uses, she has developed a way of tapping into your internal structure to create empowered change

Here is what you need to know before working with Pollin: 

  1. The focus is on helping you to develop a way of being that enables you to deal not only with your past but also empowers you for future life encounters. It is a fact of life that we will have tumbles and triumphs along the way. By being empowered, you can respond healthily to life's challenges and celebrations.
  2. The aim is to get you back on your feet and running, in as few appointments as possible. Every moment of life is precious, so we want you out there and living life to its fullest. Just because something may have held you back for a long time, it does not mean that it will take a long time to get over it. 
  3. Pollin will start working with you from the first moment you make contact. You are already in the process of transformation even before you call. Your decision to make contact is in response to your instinctual drive to seek what your psyche knows you need most.
  4. We will be working with all four aspects of self.  Like the wheels of a car ... when you change the tyres, you never only just change one. At the very least, you will change two tyres and rotate the other two. In rough terrain, a 4WD is the ideal choice.
  5. Intervention and support is available when needed (this is not confined to during the session only). This is the most important difference because in between sessions is often when real life challenges occur. 
  6. Be prepared to feel changes from the first session onwards. With the support and intervention, the changes will occur in the most appropriate speed for your development.
  7. Be prepared to be free of things that has held you back for years. Forgiveness of self and others and the ability to be at peace with the past are common experiences that graduates express.
  8. In some circumstances, Pollin will work with the family unit rather than the individual alone. 

The most important thing you need to be aware of is that Pollin believes in you and your ability to finally set aside the limitations you have built around you, no matter how long you have had it for, so that you can finally embrace the fulfilling and happy life that you deserve. Her belief comes from years of experience of working with people to achieve balance. peace, joy and contentment within themselves in ways that they never expected. 

From the very beginning of our interaction with you, she will put you back in the driver seat and help you regain full control of your own life in the safest way and in the shortest time possible. 

Through the work that you do with Pollin, you will gain an awareness of yourself so strong that you will be able to tap into your consciousness to access the answers that you need most. 

In order for any successful course of change, it is important that the timing is right. Just like a fruit ripening on a tree. If it is not yet ready, any fruits you harvest may be too sour to eat and hence is wasted. Wait too long and the fruit drops to the ground and starts to decompose and ferment. Learn how to recognise the perfect timing and you will always get perfect results. 

The best indication of whether you are ready for the way Pollin works, is often when you find that standard therapy does not work for you anymore. (click to read more)

Call Pollin now to discuss your situation and what brought you here. If you are still reading this ... it is a good indication that your consciousness is ripening close to the next level of development.  How do you know if you are ready to work with Pollin? (click to read more)