Where it all begins with you

Changing Times: Embracing the changes of the new way 

  • Have you been experiencing life changes that mimic mental health issues, acute physical discomfort or spontaneous emotional distress? 
  • Does it feel like your world has at times been out of control and yet you have had a deep knowing that there is nothing wrong with you?
  • Do you feel alone or removed from your normal circle of family and friends?
  • Have you sensed the world around you in ways that you cannot fully grasp yet? 
  • Have you found that you don't respond to therapeutic intervention as you used to before?
  • Are you a spiritual traveller serious about stepping up to the next stage of your soul development?

This is a guided event that will help you to gain a deeper insight of yourself so that you can bring out who you truly are into life in alignment with universal changes.

You will find that if you are ready for the level of information shared during this class, you will be drawn to attend this class.

It is not the wordings of this event that calls to your soul ... but the stronger innate wisdom that draws your attention and interest to this event.