Where it all begins with you
A new beginning: The Truth behind Pain and Struggle
Why did that have to happen to me?

Repeating patterns?  Going in circles?

Are you a 'Prisoner of your Past'? 

If you are ready to let go of the pain and struggles of the past ... this 2 hour public talk will start you on your journey into a new beginning.

During this talk you will gain a deeper understanding of why your life had to happen the way it did and how you can go about changing the patterns that seem to repeat itself over and over again.

Your future can be joyous and free. The choice is yours.

Come and join us on this insightful talk and discover that you have what it takes to make the right choices forward. The most important knowledge that is keeping you struggling and in pain can be released so that you are free to start making changes.
The intention is to awaken you to your own wisdom.

It will provide you with insights that you may not have thought about before and yet knew.
Please bring any questions you may have for discussion at the end of the presentation.