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Some events are presented as workshops or classes at a physical venue whilst others are conducted online in webinar conferencing format. 

Unbox your Inner Mind:

Voices and Thoughts of your hidden team

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Date:         5 June 2022

Time:        9:00am - 12:00pm

Venue:      443 Lake Road, Takapuna

Cost:         $150  (This Includes follow-up discussions with other attendees for the next 2 weeks to gain the most from this class)

This is a class for advanced students who already have a sound foundational concept of their sense of self.  This class will run for 3 hours to present the elements of your unique hidden team members, their voices and inner thoughts. 
Another class for beginners will be held in early July.  This beginner series will be presented over 4 weeks to allow for personal experience and practice of lesson content stage by stage.
Everyone experiences times when we talk to ourselves either to encourage us to do something or to remind ourselves to be cautious.  We hear people talk about having positive thoughts or negative thought running in their heads.

There may also be times when we find a certain voice or thought that comes up spontaneously n a timely fashion within our minds; to prompt us to take action or to question our judgements.  Often, these voices or thoughts are helpful.  Many successful people seem to have an internal array of cheerleaders, coaches or guides who manage to help them navigate through challenging periods of life.  

However, there are also times when certain types of thoughts cycle through our awareness that we find difficult to stop or change course.  This often happens when we find ourselves worrying about something and the worry pulls us into a loop of repetitively thinking that things will turn out disastrously.  These can become problematic and destructive especially if they are left to develop into anxiety, depression etc.

During this class we will 

  • Define 'your hidden team' within the context of your mind
  • Understand the different types and how they came to be.
  • Explain how to identify your team and draw them out of hiding.
  • Recognise and discern between your own thoughts from that of your team.
  • Discover ways of how to meet and work with your internal team.
  • Uncover several basic tools and and techniques on how to live with and manage your team.
The estimated time of this talk is 3 hours (presentation, Q&A and discussions).

We trust that you will find the talk informative and useful to prepare you further for the shifts that awaits you over the months ahead.  It will also equip you with knowledge that will help you understand how to help yourself and others in your lives who may struggle to live with their inner voices and thoughts.