Addictions and Substance Abuse

In this brief outline about addiction, I aim to help you view addiction with a wider lens that will hopefully open up your mind to enable you to recognise the nature of events that controls you or someone you care for.  Only through viewing the problem from a different perspective, can we truly help some one move from being on 'the road to recovery' to learning to make choices on ' the road to empowerment', and ultimately living a life of empowerment.

When you focus on what is within your vision, you will get to exactly where you intended.

Addiction comes in many forms. Some addictions have negative consequences while others are have beneficial outcomes. In general society, there seems to be some addictions that are tolerated as acceptable and may even be encouraged, while other addictions are frowned upon and judged. 

Addictions that are viewed favorably by society include addictions to work, exercise, success, power and money, whilst addictions that are considered to be problematic encompasses addictions to drug, alcohol and cigarettes.  Other addictions that carry a negative connotation include addictions to spending, gambling, sex, abusive relationships and the list goes on.

Before we begin to address an individual's addiction, it is important to identify the nature of what is underlying one's tendency to become addicted. Of the individuals I have had the privilege of working with, I have found them to be highly intelligent and/or acutely sensitive in nature.

The addiction often presents like an obsession to fulfil a gap in one's personality that requires attention. Addictions can present themselves as:

  • Coping mechanism - avoidance, distractions, to numb pain, feel powerful, breather.
  • Replacement of one's connection to the self - Often there is a sense of incompleteness, dissociation, removed from reality or lack of awareness prior to the onset of addiction.
When an individual engages in any form of addiction, I view it as their consciousness setting up an alarm system and pressure release solution to deal with an ongoing issue that has been left unattended.  It is very much like a red light flashing on the dashboard of your car ... informing you that the fuel level is running low or that the radiator is heating up. Whether you blame the flashing light for distracting your ability to drive or whether you actually stop to deal with it makes a huge difference.

A few words from someone who has returned to a fulfilling life and is embracing a bright and promising future.

Meeting Pollin was a gift of a high power at the time in my life I needed it most. 

I have suffered from substance abuse issues for half my life. Throughout this time I've tried conventional therapies with psychotherapists,  psychologists and addiction counselors. Which basically would involve an endless amount of sessions to discuss trauma, guilt & shame; all of which only left me feeling worse after the sessions. 

When you successfully peel away the darkness, the brightness of your future awaits and welcomes you.

To say that my time with Pollin was remarkable would be a vast understatement. Finding the words to describe her method is hard but the amazing thing is that in the first session alone, I believe she guided me through an internal process that resolved my personal issues right back through my life without discussing or going into detail I was walked back in time to facilitate a transformation from blockages and fear into empowerment and freedom. 

In only a few sessions she facilitated a healing process that was quick and clear.  It cleared away over 40 years of baggage and transformed the heaviness into a lightness that I still have today.

Her method is cutting edge, instant and powerful.

Thank you, Pollin for sharing your gifts with me, on my journey to find healing. 

                                                                                                                                                       Rya (Auckland)

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