Undiagnosed conditions - Psychosomatic presentations

Very often, individuals experience conditions that may not make sense. These may be symptoms that come and go at different points in life or when certain events are taking place around them. Examples of these may include:-

  • a recurring rash that only comes up on one finger when they experience confrontation in life.
  • sore knees develop only when they are spending time with someone close to them.
  • headaches develop prior to going on a holiday.
  • spontaneous blackouts without out medical explanations.
  • persistent pain or symptoms that have no clear indicators. 
  • infertility with no medical explanations. 
  • disturbed sleep patterns ie. insomnia or waking up at specific times every night.
  • feelings of anxiety without any real trigger or cause ie. upon waking up int he morning.
  • fleeting thoughts of self harm although you have no intention of doing so.

Many people put up with it for some time (some for decades) but inevitably, they will get to a point where they feel that they need to address it.for the sake of their sanity. It may have taken over many aspects of their life. Often there would have been through extensive tests and endless specialist consultations to rule out obvious medical causes

If no diagnosis is given, people would often find themselves at a loss of what lies ahead in their future.

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