Your Innate Answers


Pollin works with the basic foundation of understanding that

We were all born in perfection

However, most people deny or downplay their essential selves and therefore lose sight of who they are and what their purpose in life is. When people lose a sense of who they are, then they are presented with all types of problems either mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. When someone is stuck within themselves, they can spend years going through therapy after therapy after therapy while searching for answers to hopefully get them out of their undesirable life situations.

Pollin chooses to work the way she does now because over the years of working with people, she found that often in therapy, people would gain a deep understanding of how they feel about their problems and how or why things happened they did. They often got resolution followed by realisation and acceptance of 'Yes ... I deserve better in life and I am worthy of a promising future.' They get to the stage where they not only want "OUT" but they are ready to step out of their rut.

Most people find themselves at this launching pad with so much awareness, wondering... 'Where to from here?'

So, they start searching for answers in self development workshops, meditation groups, mjindfulness movements etc. Some find their answers while others continue to invest in themselves with minimal progress. Many people get caught in the cycle of positive thinking and personal affirmations.

Pollin has found that many of the existing self help practices being practiced is helpful in the initial stages of developing self awareness but once you have gained a level of understanding within the self, its effectiveness and relevance changes. This is not because they are false. In fact, far from that ... they are absolutely true and very powerful but because they are utilised inappropriately, for the majority of people, these techniques have become barriers rather than bridges. This approach of applying external wisdom is falling short of the excellence that we can achieve.

Pollin has found that 'we' (people as a whole) have developed our consciousness to a point where we need to start looking for answers from within ourselves instead of from others outside of us.

Every answer you have ever needed and will ever need in life is already within you.

Her main aim is to empower you by clearing the way or resetting you back on the path that leads you to your own brand of greatness.

Nobody knows a better answer or solution other than our 'self'. It is not a matter of whether we have the answers to make our lives wonderful. It is more a matter of how do we get access to it intentionally and consciously?

When we learn to filter our own voice apart from the voices of the world, then we can hear the answers loud and clear. Only then, can we respond and get out of our own way to fulfill our greatest potential and ultimate purpose.