Where it all begins with you
The Iceberg Effect and You: 
Understanding what is happening and what you can do
This is the foundation talk for people to help gain an understanding of what is happening. Different formats of this talk has been presented to different groups since 2011. 
Groups range from general public to professional international conferences.
Feel free to discuss the possibility of having this topic presented to your group or to find out the next scheduled event.
It aims to help us understand the different shifts that are happening in life as we transition through shifts in consciousness. We will share insights into what you can do to help yourself and others in your life, to better understand what is happening and why, and more importantly, how you can ease and possibly fast-track the transition process.
Over the past few months, more and more people have been experiencing an increase in ...

  • Anxiety / Panic attacks
  • Tingling sensations along the body
  • Depression / Disconnection / Withdrawal from people
  • A sense of being out of control ie. going crazy, plans turning to custard
  • A feeling of urgency or confusion
  • Spontanous physical changes ie. food intolerances, weight fluctuations, physical pains
  • Spiritual experiences that you find difficult to talk to others about because it seems too 'out there' and crazy
  • Old issues, memories and feelings you dealt with in the past and thought were settled are now re-emerging
The varying degrees of these unexplainable sensations, visions, energies, cyclic patterns can be explained and understood, however knowledge of the full nature of why this is happening are speculative and limited to our awareness. We will not go into what this all means but it will suffice to say that for many individuals who may experience mild to severe crisis as part of this transition, their experiences are very real.

This talk aims to provide a visual journey into the process in which you are going through to explain the nature of the shifts we are experiencing and what we can do to make this transition easier, manageable and enjoyable.

It talks about the Iceberg Effect but not in the way that is already known. This perspective of the iceberg goes beyond the current iceberg theories as it will show a much deeper nature of the iceberg in relation to change.

The estimated time of this talk is 2 hours (allowing for 90+ minutes presentation and 30 minutes Q&A and discussions).

We trust that you will find the talk informative and useful to prepare you further for the shifts that awaits you over the months ahead.