Past Events

You are invited to join us on any of the events coming up.

Some events are presented as workshops at a physical venue whilst others are conducted online in webinar conferencing format. 

If you have a group that are interested in any specific topics, feel free to contact us to arrange a private group workshop or developmental meeting.

Optimal Learning Workshop: 
Studying with the help of your Subconscious
This event has passed.

Contact Pollin directly to discuss your groups needs.

This is a workshop that every adult student can benefit from attending. The strategies and internal communication techniques that you will discover and develop during this 3 hour workshop will be valuable to you not only as a student but is applicable in everything you do.
When you commit to a program of study or project, you want to know that all the effort you channel into your studies will reap the results you deserve.

As a student ... 
Are you reaping a harvest worthy of what you sow?

Each and every person has been a student at some point in life. From our first day at school, we were expected to just pick up the tricks of the trade (of being a student) somewhere along the way. 

Some individuals thrive without much effort while others struggle despite endless hours of studying. Many stumble through school and ultimately enter the workforce without ever knowing how their minds work.

When you know how your mind works, then you can be confident that the effort you put into your projects / study / focus will result in exactly what you aimed to achieve.

The estimated time of this talk is 3 hours (allowing for 120+ minutes presentation. 30 minutes Q&A / discussions and a short break).

We trust that you will find the talk informative and useful to prepare you further for your studies.