Past Events

You are invited to join us on the upcoming events.

Some events are presented as workshops at a physical venue whilst others are conducted online in webinar conferencing format. 

If you have a group that are interested in any specific topics, feel free to contact us to arrange a private group workshop or developmental meeting.

The Iceberg Effect and You: 
Understanding what is happening and what you can do
This is the foundation talk for people to help gain an understanding of what is happening. Different formats of this talk has been presented to different groups since 2011. 
Groups range from general public to professional international conferences.
Feel free to discuss the possibility of having this topic presented to your group or to find out the next scheduled event.
It aims to help us understand the different shifts that are happening in life as we transition through shifts in consciousness. We will share insights into what you can do to help yourself and others in your life, to better understand what is happening and why, and more importantly, how you can ease and possibly fast-track the transition process.
Over the past few months, more and more people have been experiencing an increase in ...

  • Anxiety / Panic attacks
  • Tingling sensations along the body
  • Depression / Disconnection / Withdrawal from people
  • A sense of being out of control ie. going crazy, plans turning to custard
  • A feeling of urgency or confusion
  • Spontanous physical changes ie. food intolerances, weight fluctuations, physical pains
  • Spiritual experiences that you find difficult to talk to others about because it seems too 'out there' and crazy
  • Old issues, memories and feelings you dealt with in the past and thought were settled are now re-emerging
The varying degrees of these unexplainable sensations, visions, energies, cyclic patterns can be explained and understood, however knowledge of the full nature of why this is happening are speculative and limited to our awareness. We will not go into what this all means but it will suffice to say that for many individuals who may experience mild to severe crisis as part of this transition, their experiences are very real.

This talk aims to provide a visual journey into the process in which you are going through to explain the nature of the shifts we are experiencing and what we can do to make this transition easier, manageable and enjoyable.

It talks about the Iceberg Effect but not in the way that is already known. This perspective of the iceberg goes beyond the current iceberg theories as it will show a much deeper nature of the iceberg in relation to change.

The estimated time of this talk is 2 hours (allowing for 90+ minutes presentation and 30 minutes Q&A and discussions).

We trust that you will find the talk informative and useful to prepare you further for the shifts that awaits you over the months ahead.

A new beginning: The Truth behind Pain and Struggle
Why did that have to happen to me?

Repeating patterns?  Going in circles?

Are you a 'Prisoner of your Past'? 

If you are ready to let go of the pain and struggles of the past ... this 2 hour public talk will start you on your journey into a new beginning.

During this talk you will gain a deeper understanding of why your life had to happen the way it did and how you can go about changing the patterns that seem to repeat itself over and over again.

Your future can be joyous and free. The choice is yours.

Come and join us on this insightful talk and discover that you have what it takes to make the right choices forward. The most important knowledge that is keeping you struggling and in pain can be released so that you are free to start making changes.
The intention is to awaken you to your own wisdom.

It will provide you with insights that you may not have thought about before and yet knew.
Please bring any questions you may have for discussion at the end of the presentation.

Getting to know you: When your conscious meets your unconscious

This is a full day workshop that aims to connect the conscious part of you to the unconscious part of you. The primary focus of this workshop is to help you shed the hidden unconscious drives and bring them to the fore. 

In our daily life, we tend to focus on getting to know people and we spend a lot of time building meaningful relationships with other. And in doing so, we overlook ourselves and become a stranger to the self. 

This workshop will help address this imbalance of interest. 
  • You will experience awareness at a level that allows you to grow and develop much easier. 
  • You will get to know the part of yourself that you don't usually know.
  • You will discover the true nature of your 'Selfness'.

Changing Times: Embracing the changes of the new way 

  • Have you been experiencing life changes that mimic mental health issues, acute physical discomfort or spontaneous emotional distress? 
  • Does it feel like your world has at times been out of control and yet you have had a deep knowing that there is nothing wrong with you?
  • Do you feel alone or removed from your normal circle of family and friends?
  • Have you sensed the world around you in ways that you cannot fully grasp yet? 
  • Have you found that you don't respond to therapeutic intervention as you used to before?
  • Are you a spiritual traveller serious about stepping up to the next stage of your soul development?

This is a guided event that will help you to gain a deeper insight of yourself so that you can bring out who you truly are into life in alignment with universal changes.

You will find that if you are ready for the level of information shared during this class, you will be drawn to attend this class.

It is not the wordings of this event that calls to your soul ... but the stronger innate wisdom that draws your attention and interest to this event.

Optimal Learning Workshop: 
Studying with the help of your Subconscious
This event has passed.

Contact Pollin directly to discuss your groups needs.

This is a workshop that every adult student can benefit from attending. The strategies and internal communication techniques that you will discover and develop during this 3 hour workshop will be valuable to you not only as a student but is applicable in everything you do.
When you commit to a program of study or project, you want to know that all the effort you channel into your studies will reap the results you deserve.

As a student ... 
Are you reaping a harvest worthy of what you sow?

Each and every person has been a student at some point in life. From our first day at school, we were expected to just pick up the tricks of the trade (of being a student) somewhere along the way. 

Some individuals thrive without much effort while others struggle despite endless hours of studying. Many stumble through school and ultimately enter the workforce without ever knowing how their minds work.

When you know how your mind works, then you can be confident that the effort you put into your projects / study / focus will result in exactly what you aimed to achieve.

The estimated time of this talk is 3 hours (allowing for 120+ minutes presentation. 30 minutes Q&A / discussions and a short break).

We trust that you will find the talk informative and useful to prepare you further for your studies.

Break Free: Gain the Power to Change
Are you stuck in a situation or problem that you want to be free of?