When people ask me

What do you do?  

it often takes me a moment or two to answer because in order for me to respond authentically, I need to know from which perspective you are asking the question.

If you are merely looking for a description on a business card, then my immediate answer would be ... I am a Selfness Coach and Wellness Consultant, but truth be told, more often than not, that is not what you really wanted to know. 


My background is made up of an array of therapeutic modalities including psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, NLP, BodyTalk™, Psych-K™, life coaching, soul regression, Life Between Lives™ and Interactive Drawing Therapy™ (to name a few). In addition to that, I developed a process called Re-Emergence Therapy that clears out old and unhelpful programming, hence enabling people to return back to their essential way of being and therefore experience productive changes in their lives. 

Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life, of all ages and from different backgrounds. 

  • I have worked together with international top athletes, award winning individuals in businesses and top managers of successful companies. 
  • I have also assisted children with behavioural problems such as bedwetting, OCD, social anxiety, ADHD
  • Prior to that, I worked in the public sector assisting troubled youth and individuals released from prison transition back into life.
  • In my previous role as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, I specialized in helping people overcome the effects of abuse, depression, anxiety and addictions.

The similarity that all of them share is this ... 

I just want to be MYSELF. 
I just want to be HAPPY.

Each one of them were sick and tired of 'putting up' with their problems or limitations and they were at the point of stepping up to something far greater than themselves. They were aware that they do not know what it is or how to get there but they have come to realise and accept that they deserve better in life. In many instances, they were close to giving up or had resolved themselves to accept status quo because they have tried so many other therapies and interventions before being referred to me.

So let me get back to answering the question of  "What do I do?" 

In a nutshell, as a Selfness Coach, I help people who have gotten off track in life, get back on track. Being on track means living your own life track and not a vision that has been adopt from others around us through expectations, obligations, false ambitions etc. When people experience problems in life, it is because they are stuck and can only see their problem and very little else. So, I help people step out of their perception with some very cool tools and once the mind is expanded, you can begin to see so many other possibilities other than the problem.

My role evolves with your developmental needs at each point in time, shifting from therapist to coach to mirror to sounding board etc. I will work with you in whatever way is necessary to ensure that you successfully reclaim the ability to live your life authentically in the most fulfilling way possible.

While life may be full of challenges of all shapes and forms, it is also meant to be simple and easy. The tiresome burdens, self defeating habits, destructive thoughts or unpredictable emotions that you have been carrying for decades, no longer needs to be carried forward. When you reclaim your true 'selfness', then you will be able to approach life with a natural resilience and freedom. 

My main focus is to free you from the bindings that hold you back, help you get back on the right track and set you on your way to discovering all the amazing things you are capable of.

Like a Master Chef ... he can cook for the sick, recovering from illness, and he can create a feast fit for royalty. One is not better than the other. He can prepare a simple one course meal or an.extravagant ten courses, to fulfill the individual needs and different palette. I have my own well equip toolbox.

Together we can discover the wonders that you can create. After all ... this is your life! 

Pollin Kamell 

B.Sc. (Psych), Dip.Clin.Hyp., Adv.Cert.Couns., Grad.Cert.Psycoc.,NZAPH, NZHRB registered