Personal Consultation


There comes a time in your development when you realise that 

You do not need to be fixed. 
You do not need to be healed.
Reclaim your innate perfection 
and Regain your Life of Wonder.

The statements above are the basic principles upon which Pollin's work is built. This foundation exists because over the past 20 plus years of working with people within the therapeutic practices of clinical hypnotherapy, psychology, counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching, Pollin has found the above principles to be true, time and time again.  

Nobody likes to suffer and certainly ... nobody chooses to be stuck. However, that does not stop people from struggling within themselves to find the freedom to be happy as themselves. Therefore, it is safe to say that in everyone of us, we have an innate desire for change and to be better.  

People enter into a course of therapy believing that they need to do something to change and that they either have a problem in them that needs fixing or they carry a piece of the past that needs healing. So, when they embark on their journey of self discovery, the focus is mainly on understanding the self better so that they can be fixed or healed. The quicker we set aside these misconceptions, the quicker we can move forward and begin to live the happy and successful life that we are meant to live.

The therapist is often viewed as the most important part of successful change but this is very far from the truth. However, because so many believe this, people get more and more stuck.  Most of the time, the problem is identified and change is achieved but it remains in a cyclic pattern like a length of wool being wound into a ball. All that has happened is that the tangled chaos has been changed to a compact organised ball. It still serves no purpose (unless if you are a kitten of course) until you decide to knit it into something useful like a sweater or slipper or bag. What you decide to transform the ball of yarn into, is up to you. Ultimately, you are the one who needs to decide what you want to make out of it and when.

When people are referred to work with me, I always ask them, what prompted them to follow their friend's recommendation to seek me out.  

By far, the most common struggle people have are the feeling of repeating cycles. This is the exact words used by someone to explain the frustration experienced.  

"I have been going for therapy for months (or even years) and at the beginning it was great. I could feel the changes and I could understand the processes but now, I am still going for therapy and we seem to be touching on different aspects of the same things. I have a better understanding of myself and the past but nothing much has changed. I am still the same.

Well! There in itself lies the problem.  Change is not meant to happen is that way. Real change happens in an instant.

Having said that, we need to keep in mind also that no matter how long you seemed stuck for, you did not waste time, effort or money in the therapies you have received so far. It was exactly what you needed to get you here. Very much like a kid learning to cycle, trainer wheels may have been required for the kid to understand the basics of balance, stance, movement and gravity. Most kids rely on their trainer wheels to develop their excellence although a small handful of kids skip the trainer wheel stage all together. Many transition to independent cycling easily whilst others need to instill further understanding and practice before finally removing the trainer wheels completely.   

Call Pollin now to discuss your situation and what brought you here. If you are still reading this ... it is a good indication that your consciousness is ripening close to the next level of development.  

Through the work that you do with Pollin, you will gain an awareness of yourself so strong that you will be able to tap into your consciousness to access the answers that you need most. This requires a level of preparedness and personal understanding. That is why it is so important for you to discuss your needs and circumstances with Pollin in order to assess the next best course of action required for your total wellbeing.