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The success of a business is built on the success of its employees on every level. If one level of operations is unhealthy or unproductive, then it affects the final outcome down or up the line.

An entrepreneur can aim to build a tower of champagne glasses as tall as one can imagine however, every single glass within that structure is equally as important. If the glass is weak or faulty, or if it has been placed at the wrong angle, it affects the balance of the whole structure. One level above it and it may not be too noticable but the higher the tower is built, the more unstable it becomes.

If each glass was an individual employee, then it is only common sense to check the status of each glass to make sure that it is at its optimal condition. As we are well aware ... life happens and people deal with it in the best way possible. However, due to work commitments, financial responsibilities and social obligations, it is not uncommon for an individual to brush their troubles aside and just plough through with their tasks at hand and this can often affect the integrity of your structure. When this happens, there will come a point when the individual may struggle ever so slightly but it could mean that one glass above them can become too much to manage.

The higher you want your business to grow, the stronger your foundation has to be.

At Selfness Today, we recognise the value of your team and the success of your business. So ... be proactive and address any potential problems before they present themselves and avoid setbacks.

We offer group workshops for you team. This is different to team building exercises because in order for teams to excel, each individual needs to be at its own unique optimal state.  Before they can be a great team member, they need to be a great 'self' member. If the roots of who they are are not strong, then how can they help you create a strong foundation for your business.

Each member of your team is like a unique cog of a wheel. If one is left to rust or allowed to get to a state of disrepair, then the rest will suffer. Like a well built clock, each cog of the wheel is so precise and well functioned that its accuracy can run for decades.

These days, more and more employers recognise the needs of their staff. Many organisations have an arrangement with massage therapists to visit their offices on a regular schedule to help staff ease the stress accumulated physically over time. Some businesses have adopted a keep healthy policy whereby their staff can seek the help of a therapist or counsellor should the need arise. However ... isn't prevention and preparedness better than cure?

Pollin offers a unique way of working with your staff that will help bring the best out of them and also empower them in their personal lives. 

Happy employees = Happy work environments + Great outcomes

Call us today to discuss a custom tailored program to build your business from inside out. Pollin can come in to assess the wellness needs of your staff and a custom package will be developed for your team.

The success of your business begins with you.

Make the best decision for your team and put them first.

Adopt a business model that works.


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