Like a well built clock, each cog of the wheel is so precise and well functioned that its accuracy can run for decades.

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We offer group workshops for you team. This is different to team building exercises because in order for teams to excel, each individual needs to be at its optimal state because it is a unique cog of wheel in the bigger scope of thing. If one is left to rust or allowed to get to a state of disrepair, then the rest will suffer.

Pollin can come in to assess the wellness of your staff and a custom package will be developed for your business

All problems experienced by people in general stems from their lack of connection to self.

1. Car - not the driver in their own lives. Because we are not driving ... we miss all the cues that tells us what to do next.

2. Diamond - don't know themselves / their own value to be able to maximise 

3. 4WD - Imbalanced. Tyres not aligned, thread worn out

4. On the wrong track in life

5. Timing - fruit is not ripe. You can 

My motto is ... A strong foundation guarantees excellence.

Build a strong foundation and the rest falls into place.

When the time is right and the fruit is ripe, nature easily.

  Taking that into consideration, I will most likely start working with you from the moment you make contact.  So, I thank you in advance for your trust to include me as part of your journey forward.  I also want to acknowledge the strength you have in yourself to make the first move towards stepping up to the next level of your development. 


Most people 'graduate' after session 3, depending on the nature of issues being addressed. The first 2 sessions are usually about a week apart, then once the foundations of the new way of being are set into motion, we will keep in contact until the third session. Some people only need 1.
 It is a fact of life that there will be challenges and that we will have tumbles and triumphs along the way. The goal is to be able to fall gracefully if you need to tumble and then be able to get back up again quickly so that you soar upwards.

Are you searching for happiness?

Are you willing to be free of your past?

Are you ready to discover who you really are?

Are you prepared to step up to your potential?


 Over the past decade or so, there has been an increase in people's exposure to personal consciousness development opportunities. The personal development arena has shifted from meditation retreats and self help workshops to the birth of several new and different therapeutic modalities. This was supported by the revelations that the movie, The Secret, brought to human awareness.  Here, people were introduced to concepts like 'The Law of Attraction' and 'Universal Truths' which led to an increase in life coaching type services.

Coincidentally, society has found more and more family members and friends struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse and panic attacks, not only in adults but also in our youth.   The world has also witnessed an increase in destruction either through the deliberate acts of war or the overwhelming effects of natural disasters.

More recently, the Mindfulness Movement came into being as the Meditation and Peace Movement has expanded to an awe-inspiring Global scale. And people have flocked to embrace these trends that promote realisations and deep connections, and yet the foundations of society is still 

All this is happening because people are searching for answers to confirm what they already know within themselves. 

Pollin understand the true nature of change and the development of your consciou


That they play a Key role in the development of the world's reality in their Future and that of their future Generations.

Many people in general do not need counselling, therapy or hypnosis. 

It may seem like a bold statement to make but I say so because I have found that 'we' (many people as a whole) have developed our consciousness to a point where we need to start looking for answers from within ourselves instead of from others outside of us.

Nobody knows a better answer or solution other than our 'self'. It is not a matter of whether we have the answers to make our lives wonderful. It is more a matter of how do we get access to it intentionally and consciously?

When we learn to filter our own voice apart from the voices of the world, then we can hear the answers loud and clear. Only then, can we respond and get out of our own way to fulfill our greatest potential and ultimate purpose. 

'Each and everyone of us was born in perfection.'


 In our search for excellence, we any people go through life believing almost everything that they have been told, taught or learnt about life, themselves and others. 

If you believe the bad press about 'ego', the glowing ravings about 'positive thinking', the wonders of 'personal affirmations' and the essential value of 'goal setting', and you are still finding yourself experiencing depression, anxiety, stress and overall dissatisfaction, then you are one of them.

 As you have read that statement above, I want you to 

  • Take notice of the thoughts that come up for you in reaction to the statement.
  • Notice the feelings or calm or turmoil that it ignites in you.
  • Become aware of the uncertainties, doubts and hopes that you carry about its relevance and truth in your reality.

Over the years of working with people who have presented with numerous types of problems of varying degrees of severity, it has become undeniably apparent that all problems that people experience boils down to one very clear cause ... a denial of self.

Whether it be in relationship issues, career goals, physical health and well being, social recognition and communication  

 "When you value and nurture your two most important assets, you guarantee the success of your business."