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Problems arise when we become disconnected 
from the source of our essential self. 

Over the last three decades of working in the therapeutic arena, Pollin has found that many people who experience problems are disconnected from their own sense of self. 

This could have resulted from the impact of past experiences or through an unconscious shift away from one's natural way of being ie due to stress, lack of sleep, trauma, misconceptions about life events etc. Additionally, the unintended pressure of associating the self with the ego creates a greater abyss between one's self and consciousness. 

Pollin has found that when we address this separation or disconnection from self, then things can begin to fall back into place.

When someone presents with a problem or condition, Pollin views it as the person's psyche trying to get some attention for an issue that they were not aware of.

Like a car, we drive it to get to places of our choosing and if the dashboard light flashes red, it is wise to stop the car and determine what it is trying to warn us of. Sometimes it is just as easy as filling the brake fluid or filling the petrol tank. However, in today's lifestyle, people have gotten into the habit of ignoring the warning signals in their lives. They often cover over the flashing lights, disable the warning system and carry on driving. That is one of the main reason, some people are experiencing problems these days.