from Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks

Anxiety attacks over 25 years with depression

"Pollin gives so much of herself. Having dealt with other professionals briefly in the past, I know where I will always go in the future. You help make a person feel in control of themselves to find the cure that is within. You instilled a confidence in me to achieve my own goals and I am more positive about controlling my stress levels. I feel more assured of myself now. Thank you for being you and a good listener. This is certainly the therapy that works for me. God Bless you."  R.G

Depression and Anxiety

"Pollin is well informed, well educated and listens and remembers everything I tell her. She is understanding, experienced and has helped me understand the depression that inflicted me. I found her easy to talk to, gentle and intuitive. She really listened and got to the bottom of the problem. I am happy and much more relaxed."  A.S.

Depression 1

"I feel like this is the most neutral place I have ever been in. No matter what I bring into and say to you in this room, it just comes out and goes "POOF" into the space around me."  M.

Depression 2

"Making the decision to visit with Pollin has without a doubt been the most worthwhile investment I will ever make in myself. I felt extremely comfortable confiding all my issues to her and she has been able to give me the skills to move forward into a new chapter of my life with a far brighter outlook."  R.S.

Depression 3

"Pollin is a person - not just a therapist. She changed the way I see life in so many ways. I feel more positive and so much more sure of myself. I know how to handle my troubles and I know how to stay positive. Pauline listens and acts. She does not just listen. She actually hears what you say and mean. She does not waste time, and she does not make you feel you have to hurry."  M.E.

Panic attacks, fear of spiders and reproductive health

"I would say that Pollin is extremely good and professional, giving a real alternative to the usual on going drugs that the doctors prescribe. The results work without any side effects or on going treatments. I found Pollin to be very trustworthy.I feel more confident and I have learnt how to relax. I have also improved in other areas of my life. At first, I had reservations but in the first session with her, I realised that she is the real thing.Pollin was good at listening beyond the words. I went there for a problem and she found / solved others issues as they appeared.You can be healed in an easy way without drugs. And in the end, you have a very rich experience. Thank you very much for all you have done. All the best for now and the future."  L.M.